So, I’m at my end of my 1st 4 weeks of my 12-week workout program. I’m shooting for 5 days a week of cardio (an hour a day which is burning around 560-570 calories). I’ll be ready to bump it up a notch tomorrow. I started weight machines this week. My goal is 3 times a week, every other day and still do full cardio. Unfortunately, this week I only did 2. because of my work schedule, I can only work out Sun, Mon, Tues, Thurs, & Sat. So that makes Tues, Thurs, Sat my machine days. Well, family duty called this Thursday and I had to go watch my little great niece & great nephew. I was able to get my cardio in but didn’t have time for the machines. I am hoping my work schedule returns to normal in a few weeks so I’ll have more flexibility with the workouts. My weight loss goal is 2lbs a week and I am right on target, having lost 8 since I started. I’m good with that. Any faster would be unhealthy. And if you think that’s not a lot, go to the store and pick up 8 – 1lb packages of hamburger. It’s a lot!

I also started Weight Watchers. Not so much to “diet” but just to keep track of what and how much I am eating and to get me to eat more good stuff. I like it because nothing is really off limits like a lot of diets. You just have to plan for it. Other good thing about it is you can have as much fruits & veggies as you want. Thankfully I do herbivore very well. Don’t get me wrong, I love some bacon or a nice slab of ribeye steak! I just don’t have a problem eating that rabbit food. So salads and other veggies are great along with fruits like bananas, strawberries, blueberries, etc. It’s just a matter of making sure I have them in the house when I need a snack.

My biggest struggle… drinking. I hate water. In most cases it tastes yucky, LOL! Don’t tell me water doesn’t have a taste cause it does. I’m trying to over come that by adding something to coverup it’s normal taste but that isn’t going to be full of calories or anything. So I’m trying the little bottles of flavoring that you squirt in to your drink. Not using a lot, just enough to give it a hint of flavor. Or I’ll add lime or lemon juice. Then of course there’s Starbucks. I’m not a coffee addict. I am a Chai tea latte addict. And in fall when they come out with pumpkin spice and you add some of that to it, mother of all that’s holy! It’s like drinking a pumpkin pie. I *LOVE* pumpkin pie. I used to drink vanilla bean steamers (vanilla flavoring & steamed milk) until I tried the chai tea. I did start getting them with non-fat milk but still, lots of calories in those yummy things. I have limited myself to twice a week now, on the 2 days I go into work late and only a tall instead of the grande. I’ll have to adjust it when I don’t have 2 late days any more.

Once my 12 weeks is over, I am still hoping to go with a personal trainer once a week. I have one in mind. He does all the boxing/kickboxing classes so I’m hoping to do boxing once a week and enjoy punching the tar out of something that isn’t going to punch back 😉 And of course to have him guide me with my workouts for the rest of the week so I can continue to make progress with my mission.

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