Just random bullet points of shit:

  • He still can’t admit he lost. By close to 6 million votes. Somehow all of those votes are fake. And his followers keep believing the crazy. He’s messing the electoral college voting by keeping states from certifying their election results.
  • Could have a viable and safe COVID vaccines in a few weeks. Of course people still won’t get it. Don’t want those chips put in their heads/bodies. Would much rather just keeping living their lives and killing others. These same people will be all “We will never forget” on 9/11 because those lives somehow mean more than the 1/4 million lost to COVID. 9/11 was tragic for damn sure. But we experience a 9/11 life loss every 2-4 days now and no one bats an eye. We’ve lost more lives that we have in world wars, yet they don’t care. Why? Because doing anything to try and prevent it is an “inconvenience” to them. Wearing a mask means you’re either a Nazi or you’re willing to walk into a gas chamber. I still haven’t quite figured THAT meme out. The people that post it need to learn some history though. Also, don’t look for sympathy from me if you get the virus.
  • Still doing the master’s search. Got a lot of good info on the two local ones but… I want to go some place else to do it. I need a change. But because my nature is to put others before me, I can’t quite make that leap.
  • Whatever you do, don’t by the NextScripts SNAP Autoposter API Premium with the hopes of autoposting from WP to FB. It doesn’t work and their customer support sucks ass! I will be asking Paypal for a refund since the product is broken. Had I read the forums and stuff prior to buying it, I wouldn’t have.
  • How long until summer?? 🥶
  • Though I haven’t watched it in years, tonight is the series finale of Supernatural. I loved the first 5 seasons! 6 was okay and then I gave up halfway through 7. It was no longer what had drawn me to it. It was no longer “Saving people. Hunting things. The family business.” But it’s still sad it’s coming to an end. I made some good friends through that show and found my Future Ex-Husband 😂 Just remember: Driver picks the music. Shotgun shuts his cakehole.