Survived 2nd day at the gym. Rode a recumbent bike for about an hour, almost 11 miles. Definitely wasn’t as hard of a work out as 30 minutes on the stair/elliptical thing I did before. But I’m trying out a lot of the cardio machines to see which one gives me the best workout. Brought my headphones this time. So I watched TV while I rode. Definitely a good thing/bad thing. Good thing, makes the time go by quicker. Bad thing… all the damn food commercials!! I mean seriously. Nothing like trying to work out to lose weight and be bombarded by yummy steaks from Outback and shrimp, lobster, crab from Red Lobster. Might have to find something else to watch, LOL!

Of course there’s always people to watch. The cardio machines all face the parking lot. It’s funny to watch people, who are going to the gym to get exercise, circle around the parking lot to find the closest spot they can. I mean, really? I don’t get it. But, whatever.


Tomorrow is kickboxing class. Don’t know if I’ll participate in that class. I want to get an idea of what it’s like. Since I’m just starting out, I don’t want to do anything super crazy. Saturday afternoon is bag boxing for self defense. Am definitely interested in this! Its says gloves are recommended. I’m thinking something like the picture is what I’ll need. I like those cause they’re purple 😀 Again, I’ll check the class out on Saturday since it starts shortly after my appointment with the trainer is done. Really loving the thought of doing the kickboxing and this class. The thought of pummeling something that isn’t going to pummel you back is kind of fun and hopefully some great stress release! I’ll definitely report back on those 🙂

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