That goes for the election as well as my master’s program hunt, LOL! The election is “dragging” because a) the GOP refused to allow some places to start counting early votes prior to election day and I don’t get why and b) the remaining states, knowing what a key role they play, are taking their time and doing it right, much to the tangerine turd’s dismay. (I started this post a few days ago, before the announcement was made and my reactions belong in a different post).

But really what this post is about is my continuing hunt for a master’s program overseas. I’ve made quite a list and probably could find more:

Yes, I know they are just links but I’m too lazy to write out the names since no one will read this but me anyway.

Most of these schools have lodgings on or very near the school and have good public transit. My real worry would be feeding myself and paying the bills I will have to take with me. I know in the UK, I can work something like 20 hours a week on a student Visa. But, could I find work? None of these programs are in places where I know people. I looked at programs in London because I could stay with a friend there, for sure, but they didn’t seem to be what I want. I posted in a conservation careers FB group I belong to so maybe someone there can answer questions for me, too. Someone did reply and I messaged her as well as commented to her but she has yet to contact me.

It would also help if I could not put other’s wellbeing before mine in making this decision which is why the Project Dragonfly program is still on the table. The webinar for the AIP portion at Woodland Park Zoo is on the 12th so I can gather more info at that point. Well that is assuming someone will reply back with info on the webinar. It’s been 3 days and nothing back from them just like with the person above. So frustrating!!