I mentioned possibly going for a master’s degree. The webinar I attended for Project Dragonfly master’s was really good. They had graduates of the program talking about how it all works. It got me all excited for the Global Field Program option! Until I realized classes start May 18th next year. I’ll be in the UK for The Durrell Challenge but I will have internet so that’s not too bad but then May 29th to June 6th, I’ll be a cruise ship with no internet. Fuck 🤦‍♀️

And you have to start the program in the summer. There’s an option to take up to 7 credits as continuing education that can transfer to a degree program. Of course the classes you can take add up to either 8 or 9 credits so you can really only get 5 or 6 credits (2 classes). That might work too. I could take one class in the fall and one in the spring and then officially start the master’s program in 2022, assuming the world hasn’t gone to hell in handbasket by then (but that worry is for another post). So this option is still on the table. I am going to email and ask for a phone call to discuss more because my emails don’t seem to be quite getting questions answered.

But, just in case things end up not ideal in this country after elections next week, I’ve also researched master’s programs overseas. I found some really promising ones. Obviously they are WAY more expensive especially when you consider I’d need lodging on campus. They’re all only year long programs though. And ideally I wat to be out of this country for 2-3 years. There’s also the issue several of them want academic references. I had no advisor for my bachelor’s program. I rarely even interacted with any of the instructors unless I had a questions. I’ll have to inquire about that should I decide to pursue that option. Most of the ones I liked were in the UK but not in London.

Going to UK route also means things like quitting my job. Selling my Jeep. Not knowing how I’ll pay bills. And leaving my father, who is almost 80. No one else will really look after him. That thought pushes me back to the Project Dragonfly option no matter what the outcome of the political bullshit going on. At least it’s only a few more days until the beginning of all that crazy. Again though, that’s for another post. I’ll wait for that before I start making any more serious inquiries about programs.