Okay, seriously, people… what the hell is the point of trying to hack my WP? Thanks to a nice plugin, I can see all the times any IP has tried to log in as Admin to hack the site. Sometimes, it only once or twice but once it was 600+ and another 170+. Are they that bored?? I can’t image what would happen if they put that much effort into something good. They tried hacking so many WP sites on my webhost that it crashed the server.  I’ve had a WP site before and don’t ever remember having this issue. But then I might not have had the right plugins installed to show when someone is trying to hack in.

So I’ve installed some added security. Not that it really matters in the sense that there’s personal data to be had. Heck only one other person has an actual account on this. And I doubt more than a few (and a small, small, small few at that) even read my site. But it just makes me mad that there are such asses out there that get joy out of screwing with people’s stuff. These people should just go find a dark corner to sit in and play with themselves.

Hopefully the changes will cut down on this annoyance 🙂