So, there’s this running joke between Ed Quinn (@OfficialEdQuinn) and Aleks Paunovic (@alekspaun). Aleks plays bass in Ed’s band. Ed is always finding a reason to fire him. You’re late, you’re fired! I’m late, you’re fired! That was great, you’re fired! No reason, you’re fired! Well I admit, I tend to perpetuate it on Twitter a little. Okay, maybe a lot, LOL! Coming up with new and different reasons for Ed to fire Aleks. Well, Aleks got me back. His movie, Eve of Destruction, was airing on Reelz which I don’t get and Comcast doesn’t even carry. So the conversation about it went thusly:

How to get fired by Aleks Paunovic












LOL! I love the fact these guys not only respond to people on Twitter but that they remember previous conversations/Tweets. The interaction is so much fun 🙂 But now I am on a quest to become unfired. Thanks to Valerie, I have seen Part 1 of the movie. And damn him for making me cry! His acting is awesome. His Russian accent (love accents!!) is great, very realistic speech patterns. If my supplier (aka Valerie) can hook me up with Part 2, I may do a review with screen caps 🙂 Here’s a little sample of Aleks from the movie:

aleks paunovic
Drinks? Aleks Paunovic as Ruslin (aka Uncle Rus) from “Eve of Destruction”.

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