See… there’s this guy. The best stories always start with “there’s this guy”, don’t they? LOL! Said guy is an actor and musician that I stumbled across like 8 years ago on Twitter and became an instant fan. He was super nice, would respond back, and even joke around with you (see my “How to get fired on Twitter” post). Well thanks to this guy, who is lovingly nicknamed “Yeti” because he’s like 6’5″, I met a bunch of really cool ladies. It was just a small group of us, like a dozen or so, that ended up calling ourselves Cuddle Puddle Nation, because of a comment Aleks made. I wish I could fine that Tweet, that prompted us to use the name. Well, anyway, that’s what we named our new found group. We have a Twitter account that helps promote Aleks with a lot of followers and a private group on Facebook for the group of us who have become incredible friends over these past 8 years. Part of the wonderful thing is, Aleks considers us friends. He’s part of that group and will reply to posts.

The group of us girls have a messenger chat and are almost always on it at some point during the day. But then with the pandemic, video chat became much easier so we gave that a try. It was such a blast the first time getting to see everyone. Even Aleks jumped in for like 2-3 minutes to say hi. Well that started us deciding to have at least monthly chats. We usually have them on Saturdays as that seemed to be the most convenient. Poor Rikke… she’s in Denmark and usually gets up at some ungodly early hour to join us because they are like 9 hours ahead. She’s a trooper! The fun thing is, we get to see sunrise in Denmark! She lives in a very beautiful place. Looks quiet and relaxing. There’s also ladies from Canada, Arizona, California, Ohio, and Georgia. We come from all over the place.

Another wonderful thing about this group, we are all from different backgrounds but we share a very common set of beliefs. There maybe a few things we don’t see 100% eye-to-eye on but those topics are rare. And we understand and accept each other’s view point on them, knowing how diverse we are.

I really look forward to these chats. We talk about serious stuff, not serious stuff, and sometimes, for a minute or two, about Aleks. It’s a group I feel comfortable sharing most anything with.

Our group has taken to doing video chats at least once a month. This month, we decided to do two: our normal one and a special Halloween one since it falls on Saturday. Some of use will chat in costume. I actually bought one to wear. I won’t say what it is so I don’t spoil the surprise for anyone. Though, I can’t remember if I already told the group or not, LOL! I even found a fun drink for the evening. I’m not normally a big Holloween (or any holiday really) person but I am so looking forward to this “virtual party”!