So….. it’s been a few years… 3 1/2 or so actually. Wish I could find something useful to do with this place. I guess a home for cyberspace spiders and dusty bunnies is a thing.

So after updating WP and the plugs and the themes, I discover the links to all the posts are broken. No idea why. All the posts still showed up in the WP admin are but when I clicked on one, it took me to a page not found. In the process of trying to fix the error the editor was getting, I broke the site completely. Had to enable the SSL certificate from my web host to fix it. Now I just hope it stays fixed. Was also trying to stop the insaneness of people trying to hack into the site. For the love of all that’s holy, people, my site is not all that interesting SO JUST STOP IT!

2020 has been a disaster of a year. Not just personally, but as a country and world. COVID, with the help of Trump and the GOP, has brought out a side of people that is just awful. And people close to me, too. Selfish. Racist. Uncaring (though that kind of goes with selfish). Blind to facts and truth. I now see how Hitler managed to con so many people into doing awful things and turning a blind eye to the awful things that he did.

People don’t seem to think 210,000+ lives (as of today 10/6) mean anything. Yet The 3,000 lives lost to a terrorist attack do (not to diminish what happened on 9/11 cause it truly was awful). But the 210,000+ deaths could have been much less. But no, “my body, my choice” about mask wearing (though not about abortion and birth control and LGBTQ+ marriage). Except, your choice can kill someone else. One wedding back east sickened 140+ at last count. It also killed 7. Those 7 didn’t even go to the wedding. Your choice to drink and drive can kill someone and you’re held accountable for those actions. Why isn’t it the same here?

And what if we, as a country, had done nothing? How many more lives would have been lost? People can’t afford healthcare as it is, unlike Trump who doesn’t pay his taxes and has his top tier healthcare paid for by the people who he doesn’t give a shit about. The everyday peon like me and you… we get the minimalist of care needed (no “special drug cocktails”). Our insurance (if we are lucky enough to have any) will deny 50 – 75% of the claims submitted by the hospital. So if we survive, we are saddled with hundreds of thousands in medical bills. If we don’t survive, our spouse and children are then stuck with all the bills.

And no, COVID is not JUST LIKE THE FLU. Learn science people. Yes, I know, science has been vilified by our current administration, hence people not wanting to do something simple like wear a damn mask. In the 2019-2020 flu season, the CDC said 32,000 – 64,000 people died of the flu. Yes, here we are, 7 months into a pandemic with 210,000+ dead. Oh, but it’s just a bad flu. The flu doesn’t turn the pneumonia caused liquid in your lungs to turn into a gel-like substance. Which is why being put on a respirator doesn’t really help. The gel builds up in your lungs and you can’t get enough oxygen. Even when supplemented with oxygen, your body struggles. Your heart pumps harder. So, you survive all that horror of having it feel like an elephant is on your chest and you can’t breathe, you are left with lasting lung damage and possible heart damage from it working overtime.

Oh and god forbid you have any pre-existing condition cause then your life/death really don’t count. Or if you’re elderly. Cause in the first case, you didn’t take care of yourself so it’s your own fault if you get it and die. And in the second case, you’ve live a long life, so meh… it’s okay that you die, too. Yes, I really did have someone give me that as rational for why they should not have to be inconvenienced by any of this. It doesn’t matter that, prior to getting COVID, these people were fine and living their lives.

But COVID is fake and just a ploy to discredit Trump. Trust me, he doesn’t need a ploy to be discredited, he can do it just fine on his own. So, this is a ploy put on by the entire world? Just for that?? Yeah, whatever. At least some countries are smart. Wishing I lived in one of those right now. But nope. Can’t even travel to Canada cause they see how stupid we are. My vacation was scheduled and canceled 3 times. I don’t blame the virus… I blame the stupid people who can’t science and are too blinded by their dedication to outdated political traditions of “party over people”. And yes, this election is another “lessor of two evils”. I don’t like Biden but I dislike him less than I dislike a failed and washed up ex-reality TV show host who owes millions in debts and has paid less taxes in 10+ years than some college student flipping burgers at a fast food joint for their first job. And please don’t get me started on Trump’s treatment of women, the comments about being sexually attracted to his then 12 year old daughter, grabbing women by the pussy, ogling naked underage girls backstage at Miss American pageants, or telling his white supremacy buddies to “stand by”. Just the tip of the iceberg.

And speaking of white supremacy, the number of racists that have been emboldened by this administration is horrifying. Law enforcement turns a blind eye to the “bad apples” in their organizations. Why? Black lives don’t matter to “BlackLivesMatter” (referencing black on black crime). Well, white lives don’t matter to white people and all lives don’t matter to AllLivesMatter. So your so-called argument is invalid. No unarmed person should be killed either by being shot, use of excessive force, or any other way by law enforcement. Innocent until proven guilty. Ring any bells? Any law enforcement officer who does that, should be held accountable. As should any of their fellow LEOs who stood by and allowed it to happen. If I stood by and watched my friend kill someone, I would be an accessory. But statistically, it is more likely to happen to a person of color. And by statistics, I mean the percentage of it happening to the people of color versus the percentage of it happening to white folk. But again, that verges on science so let’s ignore it.

And if you’re white, please don’t say you’re not racist unless if you’ve taken a good, hard look at your actions and words. In fact, talk to your friends who are not white and ask them what they find racist. It’s eye opening. Every single white person has “white privilege”. They just won’t admit it. Cause when was the last time you had to have national legislation passed to protect you because of color of your skin or the way our hair grows? Kind of like when was the last time there was legislation regulating a man’s right to govern his own body? Uh huh. Prime example of racism… during the BLM protests, unarmed groups who gathered for peaceful protests were met by law enforcement with mace, tear gas, guns, and riot gear. Meanwhile, a group of white men, armed with every weapon they could find, storm the WA state capitol and are met with…. LEOs in surgical masks. Yep. That’s it. Surgical masks. LEOs were more afraid of COVID than of men with AR-15s. But wait… isn’t COVID just a ploy??

I’ve so much more rambling about in my head, so much so, it hurts. Literally. I am wore out, wore down, and just so done with everything. I feel like I have to work 5 times harder through all this because other people can’t be bothered. Stealth posting this cause no one really cares and I just needed to vent some place other than social media where, people who ignore me otherwise, would now take great interest because I am bad mouthing their beloved cult leader so they would feel the need to fight with me.