So these are the thoughts I had last night during my bought of insomnia.

  • Starts with Alekis filming on he show. They stop filming with a scene where she is asleep on the stone floor of a cell.
  • She goes home to her 21st b-day party. Lots of socializing, drinking, music. Boyfriend puts her to bed. She’s not completely plastered but she is drunk.
  • Wakes up on a real hard stone floor. Confused. Thinks it’s a joke, that they put her in the cell on set. But she’s wearing period clothes different that her wardrobe.
  • She realizes there’s someone else in the cell. It’s Lesley “Les” Bowmer, her co-star.
  • They two have a conversation about how they ended up in the cell: They were at Alek’s house, waiting for her husband, when the sheriff came and arrested them both on the charges of practicing witch craft.
  • Alekis remembers this, her life up until this point, and her entire life from Hollywood. She doesn’t know why she does.
  • Her husband (her Hollywood life boyfriend) shows up shortly before they’re to be burnt at the stake. Alekis insists Les comes with them. It’s her fault she’s in jail. If any of them die in this life, they will die in the other as well.
  • They escape and have to avoid the patrols the sheriff sends after them. Alekis doesn’t want to kill anyone but her husband ends up doing it anyway.
  • Her husband says he knows a place where they will be safe.
  • She realizes something isn’t right with him when she awakens to him trying to kill Les.
  • He over powers them and promises not to harm Les if Alekis agrees to go with him without a fight.
  • She does but plots how to get away with Les.
  • She must figure out how this life and the Hollywood one are tied together and which ones she and Les belong in and if her boyfriend/husband should be allowed to live.

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