Some quick stories ideas so I’ll quit thinking about other things, LOL!

  • Should start out with Alekis on her TV show filming a scene similar to the one that will occur when she wakes up in England.
  • Cut to her B-day party then she’ll fall asleep in her bed.
  • Boyfriend – sports star? Baseball player maybe? Or possibly another job that correlate to a spouse in England? Name…. Damien Quinn? Damien Levy? LOL! Yeah, still working on that.
  • She has a cell mate in England when she wakes up. Maybe one of her female co-stars from the TV show to keep the character correlation between the two accurate? She’ll need a name too. Brianna?
  • They are going to be tried as witches.
  • Unlike her other life counter part, she is a witch.
  • She needs to escape because if she dies, they both die.
  • Once she does escape, she is still hunted by one or more people. Maybe her husband?

Some notes form Hangout chat:

  • Maybe he rescues her, with ulterior motives knowing full well she’s a real witch and someone will pay a nice price for her. She makes him let her friend come along not knowing she’s putting her in danger and hence has to keep her alive.