Update 10/15/2014: Well, my acting credit has been pulled 1 year and 2 days after I filmed the part. So I am no longer in the movie, just listed as an “Associate Producer”.

Well I guess you can call it “official” or maybe “more official”, LOL! I am now listed on the IMDB page for Sovereign, the movie I did. I am credited under the cast as well as associate producer. It’s very cool and quite an honor to be listed with such great people, like Jack, Scott, & Lesli 🙂 That link was for the full cast listing, this is for the movie as a whole.

So I’m sure someone’s next question is, when is it out/can I see it? Well, I wish I had an answer for that. It should be “rough draft edited” by the end of this week, which is technically tomorrow. They’re still working on some other aspects of it as well. Not quite sure what those are. I know they were seeking some more funding because, if you don’t already know, making a movie of any kind, is hella expensive! Sadly, the Kickstarter campaign that was started for it wasn’t very successful. Pretty dang hard to crowd fund a movie unless you’re super popular/active on social media and your followers have spare money. I did my best on FB & Twitter without being annoying (or I hope anyway). But, like I said, you have to have followers with $$.

That, however, does not movie the movie is dead or isn’t going anywhere. It is still going to get out there to Film Festivals and there will still be a premiere in LA. All that will happen, just may take a tad longer. This is definitely a lesson in patience 🙂

I have to contact Jack next about something still movie related next week so if I get any more details, I will, of course, share 🙂

On an unrelated note, this is also a test post to see if my blogs will also torture any followers I have on G+, LOL!

One thought on “I’m Official & Mini-Movie Update”

  1. Patience is a virtue and I’m afraid the only one I’ve nearly mastered. LOL

    Wait, what does that mean?

    Anyhoo, SO AWESOME! I personally know someone else who has an IMDB page. SO COOL! And I don’t mind if the premiere is later than sooner. LOL

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