Okay, so the final major piece to my NaNoWriMo novel puzzle has be put together. Was trying to figure out how Alekis would know what she needed to do to get back to the present and what would happen if she chose not to. After she escapes with baddie hubby & Les, she gets a message from a bird… probably a crow or raven since they are/were prevalent in that era. Might be a literal paper message tied to it or maybe it speaks to her. I’ll figure that out when I get to the scene.

It will tell her that in order to return to the present time, both Les and hubby must die. But killing them here will kill them in the present. Can she live in the present without her true love? Can she kill the innocent, young Les that lives in the past, just to go back to her comfortable life in the present? If she kills neither, can she survive the enslavement, torment, and torture she will suffer in the past?