Bottle in the SmokeThe third project I am lucky enough to get to take part in is called “Bottle in the Smoke“. It is written by Craig Joseph Pisani and will be directed by Jack Hartnett, both of whom I had the pleasure to work with on Sovereign.

The story is about Charlie Malone, a young man who gives up his dreams of being an actor to take job doing something he hates to care for his pregnant girlfriend. They marry and she gives birth to a baby girl. Unable to afford better, they live in a rundown area of town occupied by addicts and punks. It is one of the former, in search of drugs, that kills Mary and sends Charlie into a downward spiral of alcoholism and depression. It is through AA, his belief in God, and a new friend that he is able to set himself on the path that will allow him to regain his life and care for his baby daughter.

My role in this? No acting involved! Merely producing (aka financing). All funding for the production has been secured. But help with post-production and cost of festival submissions (over 400 of them in US!) is still needed/appreciated so head over to the IndieGoGo page for the film and help if you can. Even $5 is awesome! If you can’t send money (which we totally get), can you spread the word? Tweet and share the page on your social media accounts and we will love you forever too 🙂

Filming is scheduled to start at the end of September and I hope to be able to visit the set to learn because watching the pros is the best way!

Black Team OneSo what would get a person to go to Arizona in the middle of summer? Well, for me, it was the opportunity to film a small scene in a web series called Black. Black is a web series about a covert operations team: Black Team One. Season one was filmed on a budget of $10,000. That’s it. In Hollywood, you’re lucky if that gets you just the permission to film at a location much less actually filming. But Frank T. Ziede, Power Forward Films, and P3 Mediaworks made six kickass 4-5 minute episodes for season one on that budget. So imagine what they can do with the $50,000 they raised through Kickstarter for season two! If you haven’t seen season one, GO. NOW!

Two of the stars of Black, Mikal Vega and Mark Golden were on hand to film. Mikal Vega stars as Carnahan in the series. Mikal is a 22 year Navy veteran that includes service as a SEAL. He has been in Transformers 3 & 4, Dallas, TMNT, and The Last Ship, just to name a few. He is also the founder of an organization called Vital Warrior that helps soldiers recover from trauma received while serving in the military.

Mark Golden plays Golden in the series. He spend over 10 years in the Navy, with 8 of them in the SEALS. He was also in Transformers 3 (Dark if the Moon) and owns his own line of clothing called Cannon Drive.

Frank Ziede (creator, writer, director) joined in the scene as well as Chuck and Cindy, who run Ascent Aviation where we were filming. Chris Renteria was the other backer in this particular scene. I’m not going to go into detail about what we film because I want you all to enjoy it without too many spoilers. It was filmed on a airplane that was getting ready to be parted out and recycled. That meant, no power. Which in turn meant hot 🙂 Granted it was not as hot as it could have been. The airplane had been aired out a few days prior to our arrival. It had also been quite cloudy for a few days prior, too. I arrived Friday. Sunday, when we filmed, was the first time the sun had really been out at all.

This is a video of the cockpit of the airplane we used. You can hear Max & Jon talking in the background. It is short but in full high def so about 50MB in size.

Video of Airbus 757 cockpit

Pretty cool getting see all the buttons and switches in a plane and realizing someone actually knows what to do with them all.

Once Max & Jon had the lighting and everything set, we were ready to get started. We had a quick walk through so everyone know what they were doing & where their marks were and then BAM! Filming began. It took about 2 1/2 hours or so, though not all of it was filming. Some were resetting for different angles. It gave us time to chat with each other and learn what brought us there. Everything was very laid back but when it came time to do the job, everyone was on it.

Once filming was done inside, all the gear was brought down. It was almost cooler by that time outside as long as you stood in the shade under the plane. There was a quick shot to do outside of Mikal & Golden and then it was done. We hung out to chat a bit more and take pictures but then everyone was off to the airport or to drive to their day jobs. It was a short but extremely fun experience. I got to spread my acting wings a little, though I think I still prefer behind the camera to in front of it 🙂

Hopefully by the end of the year, the new season of Black will be airing on the web!

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While I was in AZ filming my part in Black The Web Series, I visited the Mission San Xavier. Very beautiful place. Amazing and a bit awe-inspiring to be standing in something that’s almost 300 years old. Can’t imagine what it’d be like to be in something that’s a thousand years old or more.

The Mission San Xavier is about 15 minutes west of the Tuscon airport. The first incarnation of the church was started by a Jesuit priest name Fr. Kino in 1700 after visiting the village of Wa:k in 1692 in what was then New Spain. Only the foundations of that church were ever built as Fr. Kino died in 1711. A second Jesuit priest, Fr. Alonso Espinosa, constructed the first full church in 1756. In 1767, all the Jesuits were expelled from New Spain. The Franciscans arrived in 1768 and began construction of the current church in 1783. In 1797, San Xavier was completed. The mission survived not only a 7.2 earthquake in 1887 but also having the west tower struct by lightning in 1939. It is still an active mission with a school, 4 priests (2 retired) living on the grounds, and mass/services held regularly. Restoration and preservation efforts have been on going since 1953. The West tower was completed in 2009 at a cost of $5 million. The East tower has undergone $2 million in repairs so far and is still in need of another $2 million.

For more information, you can visit their website at:

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So I have finally figured out a way to keep stupid people & bots from trying to hack my website. 2 days and not one invalid login attempt recorded.


Tongue out emoticon








to you hackers, LOL! I mean really, why are you trying to hack this site anyway?? I think I have one person who reads/replies to what few posts I make.  Why don’t you do something more useful, like go play on a busy freeway.


So another complimentary item to test out in Influenster J’Adore VoxBox was Boots Botanics Ionic Clay Mask. I’ve never used a face mask before. But this was easy and fun to do! I incorporated into a nice relaxing bath by following these simple steps:

1. Run a nice hot bath.

2. While the bath is running, wash your face with a good facial cleanser.

3. Cover your face & throat in a generous layer of the mask, avoiding the eyes/eye area.

4. Place a supply of tissues within easy reach of your bathtub.

5. Step into your waiting bath.

6. Sit back and relax for 10 minutes while the mask works its wonders.

7. Wipe the mask off with the tissues after 10 minutes.

8. Rinse with the warm bath water.

9. Enjoy a nicely refreshed face!

I loved that the mask didn’t dry out my face 🙂


Another fun item compliments of my J’Adore Voxbox from Influentser was a pair of Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes. This was very new for me as the only other time I wore fake eyelashes was for my role in the movie Sovereign. And boy were those pretty darn annoying, LOL! Someone else applied them for me as well. That made the experience of trying these out very interesting.

Applying them wasn’t hard in a general sense. Just had to take it slow to get them in the right spot. A steadier hand probably would have helped too.  Once they were positioned right and I added a little mascara, they looked pretty natural. They were still bothersome to me but as I said, I don’t wear them at all. Someone who is used to wearing them would likely find them comfortable.

Overall, I’d say they are pretty good.

So my playing on Influenster paid off and I received their J’Adore Valentine’s Day VoxBox full of some free goodies! Granted it arrived a week after Valentine’s Day but hey… it’s still cool!


Hershey's Kisses

First thing in the box was a nice big bag of Hershey’s Kisses! Hard to wrong with chocolate except when you’re trying not to gain weight, LOL! So it’s a battle of will power to not just eat the whole bag in one sitting. It’d be neat if the bag was an assortment of their flavors (dark, milk, and white chocolates) but it’s all milk chocolate. Not complaining though 😀




Red Rose Simply Indulgent Caramel Creme tea

Next up in the box, almost as good as the chocolate was Red Rose Tea. There were 3 bags of Caramel Creme and 1 bag of Lemon Chiffon. I’ve had the caramel and it was very good. Lots of caramel flavor. Haven’t tried the lemon yet though I probably will in a couple days. 5 coupons for the teas were also in the box. Now to find a local store that carries it 🙂




John Frieda Frizz Ease 3 Days StraightA bottle of John Frieda’s Frizz Ease 3-Day Straight Spray also came in the box. I don’t normally straighten my hair as  don’t think the style looks good. When I do, my hair does tend to frizz so this was something good to try. It’s suppose to work for 3 days though once I wash my hair again, I’m sure it will wash out. It did keep the freeze down and my hair straighter though.







Botanics Shine Away Clay MaskI don’t and have used used face mask but they included a bottle of Botnaics Shine Away Clay Mask. Since I know I tend to have a shiny forehead, I’m going to give this a try. It’ll be interesting to see if my cheeks feel dry after using it. They usually do no matter what type/brand of cleaner I use.






KissLashesThe last thing in the box I will never use… false eye lashes. I wore them once for my part in the movie Sovereign and they were annoying, LOL! So I have no idea how they look or how they go on.


It was pretty neat though that all this stuff came to me free from Influenster, though.






2014I actually got this news on Dec 30th but my web host decided it’d be fun to block everyone’s access to their WordPress login page. That meant no posting or anything. Anyway, it’s back up and running so, here we go…

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It’s hard to believe 2013 is almost over. It’s been a weird year to say the least. Not a bad year. Definitely better than 2012. Just weird. And I’m not even sure I can explain it’s weirdness.



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I’m a techie and even I can’t figure this thing out. Apparently, Publicize just hates me or doesn’t want me annoying the G+ world with my ramblings. Take your pick.